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Sale Driftsun Clear Kayak

Transparent Kayak - 2 Person Clear Bottom Canoe


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Our Transparent Kayaks are protected by a 2 year factory warranty!

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We will ship your kayak directly to your door at no cost to you.

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Your kayak will come with all upgraded accessories and items.

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the features are

crystal clear

  1. High visibility buoyancy pouches
  2. Light-weight steel frame
  3. Included pouches behind each seat
  4. Marine grade fittings and hardware
  1. Corrosion resistant performance skeg
  2. Included adjustable quick-dry seats
  3. Solid crystal clear polycarbonate body
  4. Fully assembles in 10 minutes

100% UV resistant body

Fully assembles in 5 minutes

Durable 1/4in polycarbonate hull

see below the surface

Paddling across the water is a peaceful way to take in the natural beauty of lakes, rivers, and oceans. Now you can see what’s going on beneath the surface. The Driftsun kayak-canoe hybrid features a completely transparent hull so you can enjoy the benefits of snorkeling without getting wet. Watch marine life through the durable, crystal clear, polycarbonate hull. The kayak includes a pair of adjustable, removable seats so you can custom configure the interior for one paddler or two. Designed to handle a variety of conditions, this kayak has been tested in both calm and choppy waters. Turn heads on your next outdoor adventure with this clearly different ocean kayak.

Customer Reviews

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Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Actually I have two questions. What are the little orange balloons for? How stable is this canoe in the ocean? I live on an island in the Caribbean. I will only be using it in the ocean so it is very important for it to be stable under those conditions.

    In the event that your kayak were to flip over or take on water the orange balloons are designed to keep the kayak afloat. The Driftsun Transparent Kayak has been tested in a veriety of circumstanses and performs very well in both calm and choppy waters. Please note we cannot provide free shipping to Caribbean islands. 

  • Do you ship to Hawaii Island? Thanks.

    We do not currently offer free shipping to the Hawaiian Islands. However, you can reach out to cs@driftsun.com for shipping quotes.

  • Hello, What is the thickness of the polycarbonate?

    The thickness of the Transparent Kayak hull is .25" 

  • Hey, How durable is the plastic in terms of being scratched?

    The Driftsun Transparent Kayak has a scratch resistant UV protective coating and by following some simple common-sense steps you can easily avoid conditions that lead to scratches. 

    Make sure to spray down your kayak with fresh water after each use. Particulate matter (salt, sand, dirt) is what will lead to scratches in the long term.   Also, make sure to never drag your kayak on the ground. When you're done paddling, be sure to pick your kayak up out of the water before it has chance to drag on any sand/rocks/grass/etc. 

  • Any plans to produce a solo transparent kayak?

    The seats can be configured on this model to accommodate 1 or 2 paddlers. They are removable and adjustable. 

  • Hi there What is the width of the seat? And general the dimension of each? Thank you

    Back Rest - 18”(L) x 20”(W) 
    Seat Bottom - 12”(L) x 15”(W)

Dimensions & Specs
Included Accessories
Paddles 2 Adjustable Aluminum Paddles with Ergonomic Comfort Grips
Seats 2 Removable/Adjustable EVA Padded Seats with High Back Support