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Kneeboard with Easy-Up Tow Rope Hook (50"L 20'W)
From water sport beginners to advanced riders, children to adults, everyone on the boat will love this versatile kneeboard. The Driftsun 50-inch kneeboard was designed with performance in mind. 3/4-inch EVA foam padding cushions the knees and shins and the 3-inch padded thigh strap keeps you comfortable and in control....
Crush Kneeboard (52” x 22”)
Crush Kneeboard (52” x 22”)
Get ready to CRUSH it! The Driftsun Crush Kneeboard is built for the entire family. Integrated tow hook makes it easy to successfully teach kids and inexperienced riders, while the size of the Crush means adults can effortlessly join in the fun as well. Single locking 3-Inch padded knee strap...
Charger Kneeboard (54” x 20”)
Meet the Fastest and Most Fun Board on the Water The Driftsun 2017 Charger Kneeboard is built for speed and fun. Charge the wake to catch massive air or show off your surface tricks. The rounded ‘V’ shaped hull allows riders to easily perform 180° and 360° spins. Our integrated...