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Sale Inflatable Life Jacket

Driftsun Auto/ Manual Inflatable Adult Life Vest with Emergency Safety Whistle, Universal Fit


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Bring safety and peace of mind to your favorite water sports adventures. Boat, kayak, canoe, or paddleboard with confidence and enjoy all-day comfort with the Driftsun universal fit adjustable adult life jacket. Powered by a 33-gram CO2 canister, the vest is designed to auto-inflate within seconds of being submerged in water. Wearers can also manually inflate the vest with a quick tug of the T-cord. The lightweight Personal Floatation Device (PFD)  features a soft neoprene neckline and durable 300D protective cover.


  • MATERIAL: Soft neoprene neckline with 300D protective cover
    • Auto-inflates in less than 5 seconds with 33-gram CO2 canister (included)
    • Auto-inflates when submerged
    • Optional dry auto inflation by manually pulling T-cord
    • Includes oral inflation tube to increase or decrease buoyancy
    • Adult Life Vest
    • Reflective tape for visibility in the water
    • Emergency safety whistle to signal rescuers
    • 33-gram CO2 canister


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  • How can I disable auto inflation? I'm going to purposely jump into the water and don't want it to inflate.

    To disable the automatic inflation feature on the Driftsun Inflatable Life Jacket - Unscrew your Co2 canister, then simply remove the plastic cap and the bobbin (circular yellow disk) from the Co2 regulator. Now confirm the manual pull lever is back to it's original position and the green clip is in place. Then screw your Co2 canister back into the device (do not reinstall the plastic cap on the bottom) and your jacket will only activate upon manual movement of the pull cord.